• Tracking and Surveillance

    The application is an innovative cloud-based location intelligence solution that provides a transformative effect on the way businesses optimize their mobile assets and critical data. This solution provides users with complete information needed to control and manage their fleets by monitoring, managing, tracking and retrieving reports and features of the fleets. This solution can be customized for verticals not limited to fleet management owners, schools and colleges, distribution firms, public utility teams and security and surveillance groups. This solution is built on the 'iTAC Platform' and is AIS 140 Certified.

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  • Security Aggregation

    This platform delivers a full suite for preparation, planning, executing, monitoring and analysing end to end security & surveillance needs including ERT (Emergency Response Team) vehicles. The solution is currently deployed in collaboration with the Security Group of India's biggest NBFC. Presently, the platform tracks and maintain surveillance operations which span across a massive 36000 kms per day. The platform is being scaled up to service other NBFC Groups, Banks and companies which have a large number of distributed assets.

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  • Indoor positioning location and tracking

    This solution tracks teams inside Retail Stores & offices to increase customer engagement and satisfaction, enhance productivity, improve safety, locating critical personnel, increase sales, to improve sales team availability, to reduce customer churn, capturing/tracking sales, paging staff if in need. We are collaborating with one of India's leading Jewellery Chain. The solution will enable them to track their sales personnel movement across their 150 stores. The platform is being scaled up for other industries including hospitality, healthcare, manufacturing units and airports.

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  • WiFree

    This solution helps monetise free wifi by offering a new channel of advertisement by augmenting content in the form of banners, video, icons, peel advertisements onto any website in a network owned by the customer. This shifts the power of digital advertising control from the hands of internet giants to that of infrastructure owners (the people who pay for the network). We are collaborating with a leading broadband provider and several Airports. Venues which provide Free wifi such as Tech Parks, companies, hotels, restaurants, railway stations, city-wide wifi that can use the services of Wifree.

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  • Corporate Digital Signage

    This solution aims at broadcasting content for communication into any website that is accessed in a corporate environment (wired or wireless). This aims at solving the communication/coordination/collaboration challenge which exists in a corporate today. Presently the communication is limited to email, notice board or intranet which the employee may not choose to see. Further irrelevant old content cannot be pulled down instantly. Our digital signage system ensures critical and relevant communications are shown whenever an employee opens any browser from their devices. E.gs of these could be communications on the sales targets / delivery targets / HR notifications / Recognitions / Company policy / etc.

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  • Jewellery Digitiser

    This product makes the inventory, online ready by using machine learning and automation. Conventionally this involves expensive studio photo shoots of inventory and very expensive and time consuming skilled image clean up / enhancements by designers. Our disruptive solution accomplishes superior quality results in a fraction of time with ordinary mobile cameras, yet improves the image quality and productivity by over 50%. This solution can be customized to prepare any retail product for online / digitized image display.

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  • Field Force Tracking & Management

    The application focuses on tracking the field force, assigning/scheduling work to them (optimizing the best geographical route based on multiple priorities such as customer priority, business impact and predicted time for job completion), ensure the best practices, manage evidence of work completion , tracking productivity, report anomalies in real time, managing travel logs, expense reimbursement, real time broadcasting video and audio feeds, integrating with ERP/CRM systems. This solution can be customized for sales, delivery and service in retail, logistics, breakdown and emergency teams, in fact any field team.

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